USI-Tech Dallas Convention Update 11-12-2017

Hello Team. We have recent updates from the USI-Tech Dallas Convention from two of our leaders:

USA Leader:

Here are just some quick updates and Things I learned from DALLAS Convention. Lots of good news about the TOKENS aka TECH COIN.

Here are my rough notes. Kind of all over the place but you get the idea. lol

– 68,000 support tickets in 1 DAY
– 1 guy put 80 tickets
– 450k members
– Horst Premium technologies
– Evan Ahern and Daven Michaels partnerd + invested in USI
– Evan owns the biggest rental business
– Daven Michaels is the founder of 123Employee

Crypto. Power. Mining. Mining HVAC heat cooling. Trading. Merchants and consumers.

Proprietary hardware 8 GPU per Rig
$70 Million USD on mining rigs
$10 Million USD Mining rigs per month
We will be doing 2.5% of all Ethereum mining in the world by December
$19 M has ALSO been spent on BTC mining equipment
-$10 M per month contract 1% BTC by Dec
– IBM Watson (exclusive agreement / access to USI)
– Reads all twitter feeds and #hashtags in seconds (makes trades based on general public’s emotions / trends etc.)
– 0.02 seconds to solve Blockchain. Normally 90 seconds to 2 mins.

3 Million ATM (we will get a chance to “place” them)
Crypto ATMs will Sell. ETH. BTC. Ripple. Tech coin.
Tap phone chip (You can pay by tapping phone like credit card

Biz Transparency (Things they will post and show in the back office or main site soon for all to see)

– Crypto and Forex trading
– Bitcoin branded mining pool
– Etc branded mining pool
– Financial reserves (show how much $$ set aside by USI)
– Financial performance
– Digital security
– Operations
– Forex 45-60 days to 140% (This is crazy!!! They were testing Watson + our Forex robot TOGETHER)


How efficient coins and their software are currently. (many companies are using the Ethereum platform because it is faster, so by the same thought they may eventually adopt ours because it is much Faster)

BTC 3 transaction per second
ETH 15 transaction per second
Tech Coin 10K per second

Questions to ask yourself if you want to effectively recruit and build a team.

1. Do u believe in the Company?
2. Do u believe in the leadership of this company
3. Do I believe in yourself.


From our Australian leader:

I went to that meeting last night and it was very interesting. Learned a number of important things, although it was more of a sales talk I think. We could not ask questions directly but were asked to write it down on a questions card and put it in a basket. The question I asked was put up to Ralph regarding white paper. He said there is no white paper yet, but it is being put together. The Tokens are definitely worth getting because they have their very own blockchain for it and when they launch it out to the public it can be traded against anything. They are going to create a new Crypto Exchange where this can be traded along with others. They said that outside whales would grab it and have to buy it from us members.. So I am all for the tokens having heard that. It will eventually be called Tech Coin. There were a LOT of people there and they said all of their road shows were booked out around the country and they have decided to do another one in January 10-17. There will be a video available for download soon so you can watch it. USI Tech definitely do mining and they have their own technology . They showed photos of their data centre and its massive with so many mining machines probably in the many hundreds or thousands. I wanted to ask where that was located, but did not get the chance… I will find out. They have spent a huge amount setting this up. They said their machines are so fast that a trade is automated and it switches from one Crypto to another in around one second. No need to dibble in withdrawals and buys like we do, its all automated. Its their technology. They also do trading in cryptos. There was also a better explanation on how one can make money by being an affiliate and draft others into the program. A few people spoke about their experiences of success mostly by pulling people into the program under your 12 levels… It earns 10% commission on level 1 down to 3% for several levels below and then down to 1% under that. I think USI Tech will explode due to their investments in technology and data center, Tech Coins and Trading Exchange. I no longer have any concerns as a lot made sense, but I still have a few questions I would have liked to ask. They talked about the BTC drop in value, but that was not a bad thing, because they can still make money by short selling. There you go….

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